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Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to the Salvation of Unconditional Love (Part 1/3)

Divine Beauty

     As one awakens inner courage and bravery necessary to continue the evolution commitment becomes dominant and the concordant escalated level of happiness is in itself very rewarding as one becomes increasingly liberated from the seductions of ignorance and the narcissistic, ‘negative’ emotions. With the courage to accept one’s consequences and see life as an experience for growth, the development of true qualities of self-love and inner happiness begins. During this period there are various challenges and obstacles that arise as one learns to perfect self-compassion, forgiveness, and maintain a constant remembrance of innocence in order to persevere through all temptations of regression.

     Eventually the primary goal becomes actualizing unconditional love and with each step of progress the internal reward is self-fulfilling. The majority of all growth from this point on seems to perpetuate itself through the profound increase in joy that occurs as a result of liberation from the illusions of the limited ego self and its judgments and vanities. It may be inspiring to know that the presence of happiness as one transcends the limitations of the ego only dramatically increases with each advancement, especially once one has reached the themes of commitment, empowerment, and acceptance.

The Evolution of Consciousness is the Source of All Fulfillment

     With this in mind it becomes clear that all happiness comes from expanding our contextual awareness of life and thereby moving into grander realms of acceptance, forgiveness, and lovingness. It is only the essences of love, surrender, trust, and devotion that bring all joy, happiness, and fulfillment in life and as consciousness evolves the rate and quality of love and fulfillment expands and grows with it. Once again, we recall that the evolution of consciousness is the evolution of lovingness and happiness. Therefore, as we begin to accept the bravery to improve our life situation and make peace with our inherited karma the evolution gains positive energy through motivation based in empowerment and ambition.

     In the stages of courage and commitment it is all about establishing healthy self-esteem through self-honesty and accepting our faults in order to seek improvement. One must humbly accept the life that has been given and then realize that it only makes sense to be grateful for it and therefore seek to maintain and improve it. It is always helpful to reflect on gratitude and the fact that we even have the gift of life to begin with in order to move past any temptations to wallow in misery and self-pity that may arise. Since gratitude and concordant humility are of a high frequency of power they have the ability to drastically support the evolution out of the negativity of ego narcissism. Thus as obstacles arise we are able to have faith and trust that Divine goodness will see us through all things for we wouldn’t have been created if this weren’t the case.

Novelty of Consideration

     The biggest shift that begins to take place during this period is the discovery of loving others and the happiness and fulfillment that comes a result. Around the emergence of commitment to self-honesty the concept of caring for others and showing them true consideration arises. This new awareness then brings empowerment to want to give back to society or at least one’s family and friends and genuinely think of others. One seeks out ways to develop skills or talents in order to first establish and development oneself and revel in the enjoyment of inspiration. Next, these talents and skills are then realized to be gifts that can be utilized as opportunities to serve and give back to others.

     As far as the spiritual development is concerned the continued focus is that of seeking positive consequence and alignment with lovingness and a full acceptance of forgiveness. We eventually become confident that we are officially out of the darkness and aligned with integrity and self-honesty. This can be noticed by the fact that temptations of self-defeat still present themselves such as the desires to feel angry, covetous, lustful, prideful, or hateful yet they are now seen as unappealing and regressive.

Relaxing Neutrality

Restful Neutrality

     Arising from the states of honesty and commitment, there eventually surfaces a sense of neutrality and a desire to relax as we finally feel we’ve ‘paid off’, neutralized, or put the past behind us along with all the negative karma/suffering that we had to go through (the addictions to narcissism). Life at this point seems to have balanced out and one is contributing equally what is being taken in. In this experience it manifest as a carefree jovial attitude and a desire to just enjoy the simple things in life without needing to prove anything anymore. There was an open-mindedness and unbiased approach to life that was to the effect of ‘live and let live’. It is a peaceful state of comfort and security as our soul finally feels free form the control of the negative states of ignorance and self-deprecation. We become at ease with life as integrity and inner confidence become the dominant themes. We have confidence that no matter what unfolds in our life it will be okay. It’s the sense of ‘I’ll get through anything life throws at me’.

     Furthermore, the outlook on life has a sense of emotional detachment or in other words there is no need to be invested in particular outcomes and extremes such as ‘winning’ or ‘losing’, rather, it is enjoyable enough just to play the game. This theme of development is simply about ‘going with the flow’ and has nothing to prove anymore. There is no longer a necessary strong ambition, such as in the rise of courage in which one feels empowered and determined to develop and prove oneself in order to establish self-esteem. Thus ‘neutrality’ is a theme of easy-goingness and equanimity and unless we are continuously aligned with higher levels of consciousness to inspire further evolution, consciousness may settle at this point for the remainder of the lifetime due to its unassuming, peaceful nature. However, if aligned to continue in development we begin to realize that although neutrality is comforting and secure it doesn’t offer the incredible reward of putting forth effort into extending love and thus experiencing even more love. For as we give we only receive and we begin to realize that if there is effort put forth more happiness and satisfaction with life seem to come as a result.

Moving Beyond Neutrality

     The attraction of neutrality can best be bypassed by realizing it is nice to be at ease with life but it is much more rewarding to love life and devote oneself to giving back through service out of gratitude and appreciation for life. Thus willingness to develop further and live with gratitude and love become the motive that attracts consciousness to continue its evolution and seek further self-improvement. We begin to realize that the more we love life the more there seems to be able to love. Thus through willingness and inspiration to perfect our talents and abilities to love and serve, consciousness expands into a grander awareness of life. Consciousness begins to realize that it is our inner conviction, confidence, and trust in goodness and love that bring fulfillment and happiness from within. In the spiritual realms we begin to focus on accruing ‘positive’ karma and seeking out opportunities to share joy and serve others.

     The realization occurs that as I give to others I’m really only giving to myself. It becomes clear that it is the act of lovingness itself that is rewarding not necessarily any particular outcome or external reward. Accordingly, love, happiness, service, self-improvement, gratitude, humility, joy, and joviality become increasingly attractive because they are self-rewarding. It was extremely helpful to perfect one’s sense of humor and joviality towards life at this point because it helps weaken any ego attachments that may try and formulate due to any clinging attachments or pride. Pride has the potential of arising due to feeling like we are ‘righteous’, ‘well-off’, or ‘gifted’ as an ego identifying quality and therefore it is ‘our’ gifts of love that we are giving. This can best be bypassed by realizing life is a gift to begin with and it is not of any personal volition, thus to love life, develop one’s talents and skills, serve others, and be grateful only seems natural and obvious and pride is simply a vanity. We can realize that all has been given and therefore life is a beautiful blessing rather than a self-earned accomplishment. Thus joviality and humor seemed to help keep the ego’s pride at bay by keeping life fun and light hearted rather than serious or pious.

Celebrating Life

Inspirational Willingness

     In willingness the primary focus became that of enjoying life and therefore developing the gifts and talents that have been given. The importance was to always maintain an emphasis on gratitude and humility and in fact these qualities when mastered carry one through to the fulfillment of salvation and the final doorway of enlightenment. To bypass all barriers of conscious evolution it is important to constantly surrender to Divinity for the gift of life itself and remember gratitude, praise, humility, and love. As we focus upon gratitude and humility the love for life continues to grow at exponential rates. The rate of happiness increases in concordance with gratitude and humility and thus everything in our experience only seems to improve.

     We begin to truly realize that it is through our perception of life’s events that determine how we feel from moment to moment. With the actualization of this truth life seems to unfold in our favor and the more we are grateful and humble life seems to continue to reveal gifts to be grateful for. Inner passion and love for life becomes the primary quality of conscious awareness and it only makes sense to enjoy the beauties of existence. Felicity, joviality, appreciation, humor, happiness, gratitude, and love become dominant fields of attraction and human life is seen as an incredible experience to mature and develop the soul.

     Through empowerment, ambition, willingness to improve, and acceptance of one’s inner power there comes the ability to master increasingly more sophisticated aspects of life such as one’s career, artistic pursuits, hobbies, academic performance, and anything else we’re aligned with. Whereas before it may have been alright to just ‘get by’ or do things as they are expected, now it seems we are more satisfied with doing things to the best of our ability. We seek to perfect our talents and abilities and go above and beyond. Success becomes common in practically everything that is participated in due the inner-reward of simply enjoying achievement. We enjoy pushing ourselves to new limits and seeing what we’re capable of. When pride is absent this manifests as a sense of healthy competition and drive to continuously improve oneself for to do so is rewarding in and of itself. The significant thing to note is that fulfillment is coming from the internal rather than external. From henceforth happiness and satisfaction in life therefore become internalized and dependent only upon oneself and the effort that is put forth.

Beauty of Life

Wanting to ‘Save the World’

     Eventually, one begins to realize that the world is missing out on such joy and that perhaps it is up to oneself to ‘save the world’, that is, personally spread love and happiness. This experience arose a few different times in this experience and it can best be bypassed by remembering some simple yet profound truths. We must accept that all is exactly how it should be according to consciousness alignment and all of life is unfolding according to Divine Will. Furthermore, all is therefore perfect and unfolding according to divinely ordered consequence and therefore there does not need to be any judgments of life such as ‘needing saving’ to begin with. Remember always, judgment is an illusion both of ourselves and especially of others. Judgment can be bypassed by realizing all are doing what they think is best and therefore the world is exactly as it should be. There doesn’t need to be any projections of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ onto the world for in Reality these notions don’t actually exist. Thus one must recall the teaching from the beginning stages of evolution that all judgment is an illusion and instead one can have compassion and kindness towards all life out of knowledge of consequence. One can simply be an embodiment of love without any attachments to outcomes such as trying to ‘change things’.

     By shifting into a realization of consequence, judgment falls away and the vanity of the limited ego self is weakened by realizing one doesn’t need to worry about others and their affairs, one need only love others and seek to help when necessary without attachments. Within this theme we are able to offer inspirational service and a willingness to help others without getting caught up in vanities of judgment or attachment to outcomes. It then becomes clear we don’t need to save/change the world; instead we need only serve others by continuing to love life and be an uplifting example. As we shine our light we inspire others to shine theirs as well and thus we be the change we want to see. Human beings respond to expectancy and as such when expected to be loving and gracious they are effected by that influence whether it is readily seen or not. Therefore one begins to shift into the realms of acceptance for the perfection of life and its endless array of differences.

     By releasing judgments and projections from the ego, we begin to truly realize that the subjective experience of life is simply an internal creation and that all circumstances of life only have power over us that we have given to them. Thus, there is a powerful self-discipline that begins to be harnessed and happiness is commonplace due to our ability to re-own the power over our internal reality. There is a realization that ‘I, and I alone, determine my happiness and no one, nor thing, can give or take that from me’. One is able to accept that all are creating their own perceptions of reality and therefore peace and acceptance arise as a result.

Divine Creation

True Acceptance and Empowerment

     Since we are free to create our own perception of the world, all becomes viewed with the same inner respect and appreciation and therefore we officially release the need to change anything. Everything is finally realized to be exactly as it should be because in the end we have realized that it is a matter of inner perception that actually matters, not the external conditions or circumstances of life. It is at this point that officially acceptance of our inner power is solidified and all blaming or possible projecting of unmet needs is no longer appropriate. Due to this clarity, forgiveness and inner conviction of genuine self-confidence emerge as we see the world clearly as only a reflection of our own inner reality composed of our belief systems and perceptions. There is no longer any one else to blame and there is nothing to complain about. Everything is accepted to be from within and therefore love and happiness are internal creations rather than externally dependent. With this realization we begin to truly understand the nature of love.

     As our self-discipline and ability to control our internal reality is perfected it becomes obvious that all fulfillment is not dependent on any external reality. We begin to see clearly that love itself is actually an internal creation and therefore absolutely everything is lovable, it is only a matter of choice. An obstacle to truly actualizing this awareness is the intellect and its ability to constantly prevent this realization through its vanities of opinion and judgment. However, it can certainly be bypassed by skipping straight to the perfection of lovingness through devotion and dedication of the heart and affirmation that all is only the Divine and therefore full of perfect love. Yet the ‘path of the heart’, although understood was not specifically focused upon in this experience at this point and therefore it is worth sharing the obstacles of the mind that arose.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

Wishing us Peace and Love always,


Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, and Courage (Part 2/2)

Leap of Faith

Fear of the Unknown

     The primary obstacle that presents itself through the entire journey from this point on is fear of the unknown. When we choose to let go of attachment to the familiar (suffering) we then have to embrace the fear of the unknown that is beyond our attachments, even if it is ironically only gorgeous love and happiness that awaits us. It was noticed that while immersed in the darkness, fear wasn’t necessarily a concern because one lives in such constant fear that one has learned to love it and become addicted to it as a way of hiding within it. Ironically, it was more comfortable to embrace and love suffering and sadism then embrace forgiveness, happiness, and benevolence, thus demonstrating the attachment to ignorance.

     As we begin the climb out of illusion and accept consequence there arises initial deep fear of being aligned to go to Hell. However, this fear of consequence can be avoided and bypassed by realizing there is no judgment only consequence and the fact that one is afraid of consequence already demonstrates one’s alignment with love and positive potential. One cannot be afraid of going to Hell unless one is aware of some other greater potential that is more favorable. Thus, we can cunningly utilize this initial fear that is triggered by realizing the fact that we are afraid is profound growth in and of itself. Along with this, we can realize how courageous and amazing we truly are simply because we’re trying, and can utilize this knowledge as a source of lovingness and self-encouragement/empowerment. You are so courageous, powerful, and amazing for even reading this right now, you are truly loved beyond measure as the divinely perfect soul you are.

Maintaining Hope and Optimism

     Hope and optimism can then be established by knowing that if one is consistently putting forth effort and seeking improvement the consequence of that powerful intentionality is already guaranteeing a brighter future. We can be proud of ourselves that we are working through our karma/level of conscious awareness and seeking to grow in happiness and love. We can find immense joy in reveling in the fact that we’re even on the path no matter where we’re starting. The greatest source of self-esteem in all of life comes from realizing Truth and therefore it is important to learn to honor and love ourselves, for even being devoted to Truth to begin with is an astoundingly impressive ‘event’ in the universe. To simply hear of Truth is a profound gift let alone having the courage to align with its pursuit and revelation.

     By aligning ourselves with acceptance of innocence/naiveté, forgiveness, and the willingness to rise out of ignorance, Divinity will provide us with all that is necessary to do so. These blessings of guidance may come in an infinite variety of forms all we have to do is be open to noticing and receiving them. Indeed, Divinity is with us always guiding and providing for us, it is only a matter of realizing the love that is all around. Just as the sun unconditionally shines on the earth providing love and nurturance for life, so it is with Divinity unconditionally loving and providing for all existence and everything we could ever need.

     With the acceptance of spiritual reality all of life’s events become seen as opportunities to learn and grow from, which becomes the reward in itself. The joy that comes from awakening to Truth and healing our karma/ignorance is the most fulfilling pursuit in all of existence. Therefore, it cannot be taken for granted the fact that one has been given the gift of life along with the ability to be self-aware thus allowing for invaluable eternal/spiritual evolution and growth. Human beings have the rare ability of self-awareness and intentionality through the development of the intellect and therefore are able to seek salvation, Heaven, and enlightenment, which are unparalleled gifts in the entire universe. Thus it seems it would be foolish to squander the opportunity through the selfishness of misery and suffering. One is only hurting oneself by denying the love and happiness that is always present and available within and need only be accepted and realized. Furthermore, by releasing the fallacy of judgment and accepting consequence of intentions one can rise with courage knowing that one is capable of anything by aligning with Divinity and it is only a matter of one’s willingness, trust, and faith.

     Therefore, trust in Divine goodness to see us through all things and without a doubt it shall be so. For Divinity’s infinite grace shines equally on all that call upon Divine Love no matter what name or image. It is the essence of one’s love and devotion to a Divine Creator of Infinite Lovingness that is relevant and names and rituals are completely insignificant. It is the context of surrender, devotion, and dedication to a Higher Power that is relevant and meaningful. It may be helpful to focus upon the truth that life is spiritual and energetic in Reality and that one is a spiritual being having an experience as a human being rather than a human being having spiritual experiences. With these truths clearly understood and accepted the climb out of darkness and into the light can begin.

Divine Love

Taking it Slow

     In the beginning of developing the self-esteem and truly remembering one’s innate goodness and rightness it is important to take it slow with plenty of support through unconditional love coming from oneself and others. One must start with small goals and accomplishments with minimal risks or vulnerability from failure. Anger and frustration can be best surrendered by realizing it’s perfectly normal and to be expected to have setbacks and upsets in life as part of the growing and evolving process. There is no one to pass judgment and therefore no reason to become self-condemning, only simply accept what has occurred and realign intentionality with continued effort and progress. Mistakes can best be looked at as opportunities to learn and grow rather than seen as defeats or failures. Remember it is the fact that one is on the path and trying that is most important and all judgments otherwise are simply not true. Remember anytime judgment surfaces it is best to be immediately discarded as the temptation of vanity that it is and replaced with forgiveness and love. When in doubt always surrender any obstacles to Love.

     It is worth noting that there is no particular order that temptations may present themselves and their themes spread throughout various aspects of human life. Although the evolution of self-identity seems like a straight forward, linear process with sequential steps, the themes of awareness may express themselves at various different times throughout periods of life or even in a particular day. However, there will always be an energetic theme that is dominant the majority of one’s experience and serves as the overall contextual identity in which all experiences of life are held within.

Fear and Desire

     Nevertheless, progress is then driven either out of fear, desire, or both. When fear emerges as a motivator it stems from the fear of negative consequences or judgment. Yet, as mentioned before judgment must be completely abandoned first and foremost. Next we can remember that there is no need to fear if we are aligned with positive intentions and at least seeking. It is our alignment with even trying that already provides security, comfort, forgiveness, and positive consequence. Therefore we can release fear of consequence as well in order to focus more so on desire for growth and development. Desire focuses on ‘saving’ oneself and obtaining peace of mind by aligning our life with lovingness, happiness, forgiveness, and devotion to Divinity as love in order to guarantee positive consequences. Accordingly, the desire for self-development arises and one seeks to build a healthy self-esteem and self-respect. However, with desire comes the fear of loss and craving for more, which leads to possible temptations of anger, grief, and pride.

Transcending Pride and Desire

     As pride builds through acquiring a sense of ‘righteousness’, power over others, inflated self-esteem, materialism, or any other ‘love’ object, there eventually comes fear of loss. Pride is the accumulation of a false sense of self or in other words, false security and confidence and is limited and fleeting. Pride is subject to inevitable loss because it is external in nature whereas true self-esteem and confidence is internal and invulnerable. Thus when loss arises or even fear of loss, we then suffer anxiety, grief, anger, and regret as a result. The loss of our desirable attachment (pride) serves as a direct insult to our sense of self and thus we may become enraged or despondent from the event.

     All of these negative emotions can be released and transcended by realizing they are based on an illusory sense of self that was created by the desire itself. It is only the desire and attachment to our ‘self-defining’ object that then triggers all the concordant emotions regarding its gain or loss. It is the strong attachment to the sense of identity coming from the desire that causes all anger, grief, anxiety, and suffering and thus all negative emotions are only self-created. For all things of the world that are desired and attached to, the answer to this is simple, none of it defines us in the slightest degree and is only an illusion as such. For all things of the world shall inevitably pass and are completely irrelevant, therefore to be attached to anything of the world of form as one’s sense of self could only be the result of ignorance and unawareness. What we truly are is infinitely beyond the world of form and is formless and eternal in nature.

     In terms of a more spiritually aligned desire we can transcend the negative emotional reactions by immediately remembering the truth of Divine’s compassion, forgiveness, and our eternal innocence. Even when experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul’ in which one reaches an absolute low of hopelessness and possibly even suicide ideation, the only possible salvation comes from surrendering to Divine Love and our intrinsic rightness. Whenever spiritual desires fall short or we suffer a regression into narcissistic, victimizing states, we need only to immediately forgive ourselves, surrender to Divine Love, and then look forward with hope and faith. The act of surrendering control to Divine Will innately has miraculous power to shift consciousness into high realms of peace, optimism, hope, and faith as was experienced several times throughout this particular journey.

     There is absolutely nothing beneficial from dwelling on loss or seeming failures. Again, there is no judgment only consequence, thus to dwell on failure would only align oneself with more failure. The more wise decision then would be to accept a loss for what it is, a learning opportunity for maturity and in so doing one aligns with love, forgiveness, and growth. ‘I forgive myself and see that I am stronger/wiser because of the experience’ becomes a useful reminder to then shift us into an empowered position in order to focus on growth and self-compassion. Furthermore, this transcends all possible anger, grief, regret, or sense of loss for there is only positive growth that emerges. Therefore one can look forward with hope and then simply realign with love and optimism.

Trust in Divine Love

Having Faith and Trust

     No matter how much struggle that is encountered along the way we can take peace knowing we are perfect in our perceived imperfections and all is exactly as it should be in order to provide the most optimal growth and evolution. It may be helpful to know the truth that it is not the circumstances of life that determine our happiness and fulfillment but our relationship to them and perceptions that we indulge in. Thus in the face of ‘failure’ we can choose to only look at that which can be learned instead of focusing on anything else that would seek to demean ourselves. There is no truth to self-deprecation and therefore it can be best bypassed by realizing it is a fallacy that only hinders our growth.

     We are perfect and lovable beyond judgment at all times and all places and anything that teaches otherwise is a fallacy based in illusion, control, fear, and unawareness. We are divine beings and as such are capable of infinite wonder and magnificence. Therefore, align with truth of eternal Divine Love as that which is self-existent and always present beyond all attack or doubt, immortal in happiness and serenity. Through constant intentions for improvement, lovingness, and devotion to Truth all obstacles shall be overcome and all struggle will be transcended with Divine’s infinitely loving guidance and grace. Divine Love is always with us and we are never alone. Therefore, awaken with courage and accept the power that we hold within ourselves to create our own destiny.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     Ponder and contemplate these things if so inspired and let its truth ripen into understanding of self-compassion and love. The primary ‘goal’ while stuck in these more destructive/negative themes is to reach the transition point of self-honesty, sincere commitment to improvement, and a restoration of one’s innocence. It is important to realize we are forgiven within every moment and there is no need to dwell on mistakes, or ‘sin’. The greatest temptation that arises during the climb out of darkness is to do exactly that, feed the narcissism of self-loathing and defeatism that is the ego’s favorite game of victimization.  My heart is overwhelmed with compassion for all of us who have been misled by such seductions of limiting beliefs and it is my sincerest hope that I can offer my life in service to helping others see the perfection and divine beauty that we really are. I love you always and forever and wish you everything you could ever desire in life. May we walk on a blissful path.


Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, and Courage (Part 1/2)

Bali Inspiration

     With the final editing process for the book coming to a close, the vision for continuing to serve through this site is really exciting and I’m looking forward to devoting more time to writing here and honoring the thousands of hours I’ve been pouring into the book. I’m currently in Bali, Indonesia as I write and am inspired and eternally grateful to have finished the book here. As a final intuition regarding it yesterday I took out around 80 pages or so that I felt weren’t necessary to include in the book itself but instead to be shared here for free, which brings me a lot of joy to do so! Accordingly, because we’ve already discussed the fundamental concepts of various topics of psychology, unconditional love, the ego, consciousness, and the progressive themes of self-identity I am thrilled to share more profound writings that I think will be really helpful for others which is my sincerest intention! So without further ado, the following series is going to be an extensive expose of transcending the various themes of self-identity within consciousness from the most narcissistic ego-based suffering all the way to ego transcendence through radical, absolute truth of Enlightenment and Nonduality. Happily, let us begin,

     The following teachings and select journal entries are offered as a perspective on the spiritual journey to salvation and enlightenment. The writing is prepared in the manner the teachings were relevant to conscious evolution as well as in the order they were given in this experience. They are humbly offered as guidance, encouragement, and clarity in the awakening of Absolute Truth. However, all Truth is already self-existent and therefore comes from within as that which is already present, simply forgotten. Therefore the writing is prepared in order to inspire and facilitate awakening through exposure as well as provide sources of contemplation and guidance to the realization of Absolute Truth. Therefore, ponder the teachings that are presented and ask for Divine Love’s assistance in order to allow their fullness to be revealed to you according to your conscious intention and alignment with Truth. Take peace knowing that Truth cannot be mistaken and there is no doubt when it is realized as the Presence of Divine Love becomes gloriously self-evident. The fullness of awakening to Absolute Truth is beyond any and all of human endeavors and there is nothing possibly comparable to its fulfillment. Absolute Truth’s profound power is an all-encompassing Divine Love, as the ultimate eternal fulfillment of immortal happiness and love itself. There is simply nothing else worth pursuing in one’s lifetime without doubt or question for it is only the Absolute Truth of what is. Thus, waste no time, surrender all attachments to Divine Love and awaken to immortality filled with infinite love and happiness.


The Fall into Shame

     In the complete darkness of unawareness all seems infinitely hopeless and impossible. There is the sense of being a complete reject of life itself and one curses one’s own existence expressed as an unbearable desire to suffer endlessly loathing and hating one’s life. One feels that they can’t possibly get any worse so they might as well enjoy their suffering and sadistic pleasures and therefore become masochistically addicted to it. It is as if we embrace the infinite shame and fear of the darkness as that which brings us comfort since it is familiar to us. In other words, embracing fear, hatred, and narcissism and learning to love it seems to make it less painful by joining with it rather than trying to transcend it. Thus it is the ultimate denial of Divinity as love and gratitude for life as one would rather love suffering rather than seek self-respect and growth. Consumed in narcissistic addiction there are feelings of complete shame, apathy, vindictive hatred, rage, sadism, and addiction to all sorts of miseries as dominant qualities of existence. In this all-encompassing blindness it is clear that deliverance is only possible by the power of Divine Love offering infinite compassion and forgiveness.

Accepting a Creator/Higher Power

     The absolutely most important aspect of surviving and emerging from the grips of illusion and ignorance is accepting a Divine Creator that is infinitely and unconditionally loving, compassionate, merciful, accepting, and forgiving. Furthermore, with this realization one must be exposed to the notion of a spiritual reality in which one is divinely innocent as either an extension of Divinity or a divine child, essentially its one and the same. The main contextual relevance is that consciousness/the soul begins to accept a spiritual reality that transcends all limited perspectives of the current intense hatred for life. For the ineffable misery and suffering is only a result of not knowing what/who one truly is – a being of perfect innocence and purity. Every conscious being is infinitely perfect beyond all comprehension and innately innocent and lovable. All suffering is only the result of unawareness of this truth and is learned via ignorance begetting ignorance such as abusive parenting or falling into seductive temptations of curiosity. In Reality there is no suffering possible and one need only realize that suffering is only a result of not knowing Truth rather than any personal failure. Thus all are only doing what they think is best and are innocent always and forever.


By Surrendering to Divinity All Things Are Possible

     With this knowingness one can begin to accept the true nature of one’s reality as a blessed divine being of love, beauty, and hope. No matter how grotesque or traumatic life may be we can find refuge only in turning to Divinity as eternal love and mercy. Surrender to Divine Reality is the only source of salvation, eternal peace, fulfillment, happiness, joy, and deliverance from all possible suffering in life. Furthermore, Divine Reality is already self-existent and all suffering is only arising from denying that which already is. Thus, to escape suffering one must stop resisting Truth and begin the process of surrender to Divine Love that offers a sanctuary of salvation to all equally without question, doubt, or exception.

     Divinity has no interest in partiality or judgment and in fact such notions are a complete impossibility. These things are only illusions of the ego mind that is lost in the seduction of ignorance and narcissism. Out of ignorance and naiveté there is constant self-condemnation and self-hatred due to the thinking that one is incredibly worthless, lost, and evil. However, with proper teaching of Truth one can abandon this self-hatred by realizing one is always innocent, loved, and forgiven. There is no need to punish oneself; instead work to let go of the addiction to suffering that has been attached to in order to embrace the love within that is available in every moment. All suffering is self-created and simply not necessary.

The Gift of Existence

     Divine Love is infinite and eternal without beginning or end and is always present waiting to be noticed. Truth is that life and existence is indeed eternal and a gift from Divinity that is without possible accident, mistake, or coincidence. Before any growth and progress can emerge one must see that to exist is already the greatest gift of love from Divinity. Furthermore, this existence has been offered eternally and one need only awaken to this Truth to begin to find peace and solace in knowing that this life is a spiritual experience above all else and all form will eventually pass.

     By accepting life as a spiritual reality all guidance and deliverance from suffering can then be readily seen as the glory of awakening to Truth propels one through any and all obstacles. It cannot be said enough that it is only surrender to Divine Love that is capable of transcending any and all suffering in life no matter how atrocious it may be. This purity of love, compassion, mercy, hope, and forgiveness is equally offered to all, always and forever, simply because one exists. Therefore, to exist is to intrinsically be divinely innocent and eternally right as a sacred child of God. Everything that exists is already full of Divine Love, for to exist is to be Divine Love. Divinity is always within us and it is impossible for Divinity to forsake us, therefore put all trust and faith in Divine Love to guide you through all things.

Divine Guidance

We Are Never ‘Wrong’ or ‘Sinful’

     With this powerful truth in mind realize that we could therefore never be ‘wrong’, ‘evil’, ‘sinful’, or ‘bad’. These are all just inflammatory labels utilized by the ego to perpetuate suffering by labeling itself negatively in order to dwell on narcissism. These labels are absolutely never true, all teachings otherwise are misleading and controlling. There is only infinite eternal rightness in all that exists and especially in all conscious beings that are ineffably beautiful creations of life. Furthermore, to be born as a human being with the ability to seek salvation and enlightenment is the most profound gift one could ever imagine in the entire universe. It is so important to constantly remember that to exist is to already be a vessel of Divinity as an innocent child of Divine Love.

     After accepting a Divine Creator the first spiritual truth that must be accepted and understood is that all are innocent and will never be judged or punished by any illusory judgmental God figure. There is absolutely no truth to these beliefs. Judgment is a complete fallacy used to control others and has no alignment with Love. One must surrender all self-condemnation and self-hatred in order to begin true progress that primarily stems from releasing judgment. The realization of innocence must be established first and foremost if any true growth is to take place. It seems religious baptism can be useful for helping restore this awareness but it technically is unnecessary since the Truth is that one is always innocent and forgiven within every moment it just simply needs to be realized through proper teaching.

     Therefore, one can find peace in knowing that it is the act of surrendering to Divine Love as an intention and effort that is eternally significant. For as one even attempts to surrender to Divinity forgiveness is granted instantly within that exact moment of the humble, honest, loving intention. One need not suffer for ignorance, such as punishing oneself as a ‘sinner’, instead simply let it go, move forward, and realize the Divine Love that is always within waiting to be noticed. Divinity is not keeping a record to be held over our head. There is only unconditional love and eternal rightness; all else is a creation of the ‘tempter’/ego (seductions of narcissism). Stay present and only focus on the current intentions, dwelling on the past only feeds negativity, regret, and ego narcissism.

Hope and Devotion

Transcending Judgment and Understanding Consequence

     With these concepts embedded within consciousness it then is important to realize that there is no possible judgment but there is however consequence. The significant difference between these two is that judgment is based in partiality and coming from some separate, imaginary, judgmental God figure whereas consequence is based strictly out on personal responsibility and accountability. Judgment is a complete misinterpretation of the divine avatar’s teachings and the result of limited leaders in positions of power seeking control over others. Through notions of judgment there is the arrogance of being able to preach God’s judgment, inadvertently condemning others, yet magically some how not condemn oneself in the process because after all, ‘only God can judge me’. However, this is an obvious contradiction and fallacy, for what one does to others they only do to themselves and vice versa. To believe in a God of judgment is to judge and condemn all humanity, such a thing must be realized to be absurd and purely arrogant. Judgment is based in the energies of fear and narcissism and is therefore limited, weak, and simply not true.

     To indulge in the narcissistic vanity of judging oneself or any ‘other’ is a complete fallacy and impossibility for to do so is to judge the entire universe as something other than ineffably perfect. Also, we cannot preach judgment without being judgmental, with some thought this becomes obvious. To teach of judgment implies that there is imperfection to begin with and therefore no longer divine innocence and perfection within a being, which is also a fallacy. Simply and profoundly, all are perfect at all times and all places beyond all possible judgment otherwise. All are always divine and absolutely pure and lovable without exception.

     Even though the great teachers taught to never judge, religions have used the manipulative concept of judgment to control masses through spiritual fear and condemnation. However, it is completely erroneous and incredibly damaging beyond all imagination to humanity. One need only briefly study history of humanity’s struggles and conflicts to see the endless destruction judgment has caused. Judgment is a complete lie and has absolutely no truth to it and only leads to suffering, anger, hatred of self/others, and condemnation of self/others. There is absolutely nothing constructive that arises from judgment that couldn’t otherwise arrive from a healthy respect for consequence.

     To make real spiritual progress one must realize that consequence is the only spiritual truth regarding a soul’s accountability. Consequence can be easily known to be of truth because it has love, compassion, acceptance, accountability, mercy, forgiveness, and encouragement innately built into it. For as one accepts their own consequences one has absolutely no interest in condemning others for one knows that to do so would only subject oneself to the accountability of such an act. Therefore consequence has innate to itself the desire to develop love, compassion, and forgiveness for not only oneself but for all others as well. Therefore consequence can be known to be true due to being obviously based in the true power of lovingness and infinite mercy. Consequence transcends the fallacy of projecting condemnation, whether of the self or of others, because to do so we realize only hurts ourselves.

     Through consequence, one only ‘goes’ to Heaven or Hell because one has chosen it for themselves as a result of one’s conscious intentions and alignment. There is no judging God who punishes and rewards anyone or anything; all souls determine their own fate by their own choices and conscious alignment. By accepting the power embedded in the concept of consequence it allows one to shift into a field of empowerment by realizing one can only ‘save’ themselves by dedicating oneself to Love/Divinity. All are exactly where they want to be and are deciding it themselves from the most demonic to the most angelic. God doesn’t ‘send’ or ‘put’ a soul anywhere, all choose for themselves.

     Accordingly, self-condemnation can be realized to be of absolutely no benefit and a complete vanity anyway. It is a complete impossibility for anyone or anything to be unworthy of Divine Love therefore there is no point in seeking self-condemnation and self-deprecation for it is no longer given credence. Consequence is based in Divine Love’s absolute goodness and fairness that allows all to simply choose as they may. Consequence is based purely in love, acceptance, mercy, compassion, and infinite forgiveness and is exactly what all the divine teachers truly taught without exception. All teachings otherwise are a misinterpretation and manipulation of Truth.

     Therefore by realizing the fallacy of judgment and the truth of consequence we can begin to accept our intrinsic innocence as well as infinite forgiveness that are always innately within us, present in absolutely every moment. With this established we can then accept that it is only ourselves that are responsible for our spiritual destiny and therefore there is no one else to blame. There are no victims in the universe and there are no perpetrators, it is only the ego’s seductive illusions of narcissism that create belief in such things. Whether one enjoys happiness, fulfillment, love, and Heaven or misery, suffering, torment of the lack of love, and Hell is purely one’s own choice as a result of consequence of one’s intentions. It cannot be clarified enough, there is no such thing as judgment there is only consequence.

     This profound truth has been grossly misinterpreted and misunderstood over the thousands of years since humanity’s exposure to spiritual teachings and is crucial to be clarified. The primary reason for the misinterpretation arises from the desire to control and manipulate others due to judgment being based in partiality and fear. However, Truth is pure unconditional lovingness and freedom and therefore has no interest in such things such as control or desire since they are obvious fallacies of fear and greed. There is no judgment, for we are perfect and divinely innocent always therefore there’d be nothing to possibly judge to begin with. It is only each individual’s own intentions, choices, and karmic alignment that result in one’s fate through consequence of attraction and intentionality becoming manifest. Therefore, quite simply, we need only suffer in Hell and unawareness if we choose to, otherwise we can choose to align with love, happiness, and Divinity and awaken to the Heaven that is within us as infinite and eternal Truth. The Truth is nevertheless always the same and always available regardless of our choice. We can either accept what is or choose denial thus creating suffering; the choice is solely up to us.


Moving Forward With Clarity

     By accepting spiritual reality based in consequence and a love of Truth we can then make massive leaps in conscious evolution through devotion, dedication, and acceptance of self-accountability. There is no limit to consciousness’ ability to expand and evolve in awareness if proper understanding of Truth is available and then dedicated to completely. However, there must be a full acceptance of spiritual reality for any growth to truly begin, in fact without accepting a spiritual reality consciousness will inevitably become limited no matter how intellectually genius it may become as a human being. Therefore the sooner spiritual reality is accepted, the easier it is for consciousness/the soul to truly mature, evolve, and further understanding of higher realms of lovingness and happiness.

     The first step is accepting that we are loved and always provided for by Divinity as an infinitely perfect and innocent being of goodness and love. The fact that we are alive to begin with is proof of this, no matter how meager our existence may seem. It is the gift of life that provides all the proof we need of spiritual reality for all life only arises from preexisting life. To exist is to already be Divinity. Thus it is important to remember the primary theme of spiritual reality is unconditional love and eternal rightness regardless of one’s karmic alignment (conditions/circumstances of life). To avoid self-condemnation because of one’s inherited, impersonal karma/life situation/degree of awareness, it is vital to accept one’s divine innocence and purity first in order to begin healing. This process can be greatly assisted by having a support group/religion, teacher, guru, friend(s), family, or guardian that emulates the high-energy fields of true spiritual unconditional love through recognition of one’s true Divine Nature. To make any substantial growth it is necessary to be aligned with a savior/teacher/higher level of awareness in order to facilitate the dissolution of the ego’s barriers of illusion. Recall that once established, the ego unaided cannot transcend itself.

     One of the primary struggles that presented itself in these early stages of acceptance of innocence was the desire to enjoy the addiction of suffering. It came in the form of self-denial in that one doesn’t want to accept one’s innocence and purity because then that means one has to change and let go of the addiction to suffering. However, this can be best overcome by constantly realizing that one is only choosing one’s own consequences by alignment of intentions. Therefore to seek one’s suffering is to seek one’s suffering for eternity by consequence of alignment. With reflection it becomes clear that this is simply not necessary and we need not suffer or deny ourselves the joy and love of life that is rightfully intended to be ours. Human beings are intended to be full of love, happiness, passion, and joy for it is these expressions that are the greatest service to Divine Love and humanity. All sense of worthlessness, self-hatred, shame, and rejection of Divine Love are only illusions of ignorance and are in no way even remotely true. Don’t believe anyone who tells you or tries to demonstrate to you otherwise.

     To accept the ignorance that one is worthless and shameful is only indulging in a lie that has no actual reality and the first step to deliverance is realizing this. Once it is clearly realized that we are only creating our own eternal suffering simply because we didn’t know any better, it is only divine compassion, forgiveness, and pure unconditional love that will then give the strength and courage necessary to seek improvement and freedom from the attachments to misery. Let it be clear, there is no reason, meaning, or purpose for suffering, Divinity has no interest in sacrifice through suffering or the absurd notion of suffering for repentance for ‘sins’. These are only temptations of illusion that keep one trapped and addicted to suffering.

     The truly devilish and demonic are purposefully, infinitely miserable and narcissistically indulgent in self-loathing and seek company to validate their vanity such as being ‘evil’ or ‘sinful’. Yet all ‘sin’ is only of ignorance due to unawareness of Truth and therefore is only a result of innocence and naiveté. Therefore one can have compassion for oneself by simply admitting ‘I didn’t know any better, and I’m grateful I do now’. Therefore, it is the Truth that shall set us free as that which is infinitely pure and loving. There is no end or beginning to Divine’s lovingness and it is offered always simply because we exist. We are loved infinitely and eternally as Divine Love itself, innocent, sacred, and pure beyond comprehension.

Sacred Beauty

Developing Patience and Compassion For Ourselves

     Once a clear understanding of our spiritual reality is accepted we can then begin to free ourselves from the ensnarement of addiction to our own misery and joyfully make our way into the light of Love. One must always remember to have compassion and forgiveness for oneself as the initial climb may be extremely difficult and require persistence, patience, and unconditional love for oneself through the process of evolution. Struggle and regressions are to be expected and one must always immediately remember to forgive oneself and keep charging ahead. This is when it is most helpful to have an unconditional loving guide/savior that allows for constant support and emulation of the highly loving fields of compassion, forgiveness, and encouragement. There is no need to be ‘perfect’ or ideal right away, there is no judgment and one is actually perfect and right always, even while still struggling to release addictions to hate, rage, and suffering. Remember, it is the constant intent and effort that leads one to salvation and Heaven. Hence the great avatars taught it is the fact that one is on the path and call unto Divinity by whatever name that is most important. Always pay attention to intentionality for that is where all power of consequence is.

     Accordingly, self-hatred and frustration can be let go of by realizing that it is the fact that we are trying that is absolutely amazing and we are already forgiven and perfect in every moment along the way. We can still be perfect while making mistakes, we mustn’t take ‘failure’ or ‘mistakes’ personally, they’re actually exactly what they’re supposed to be and we can instead bless them. By aligning one’s intentions with lovingness, self-improvement, and surrender to Divine Love already brings with it a consequential massive shift in positive potential that is being constantly provided and made available. Divinity is waiting in absolutely every moment to give all that we require for growth and transcendence it is only a matter of accepting guidance by becoming open to it via invitation. Therefore we must focus on intention and dedication and not be so attached to particular outcomes. It is comforting to know that Divinity is sustaining absolutely every moment of our existence and therefore if we exist then we can automatically know Divine Love is providing for us always and forever. Divine Love will provide all things, always and forever, without doubt or question, for to exist is to already be proof of this.


Blessing of the Liberated Lotus

Wishing us peace and love always,